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Home Maintenance Services

We specialize in a growing list of home maintenance tasks to keep your home in tip-top shape. We use only the highest quality, commercial-grade equipment, quality parts, and safe, friendly chemicals. We take pride in providing the very best results in our maintenance tasks. Please see our list of maintenance tasks below. If you don't see what you're looking for then feel free to ask, we are constantly expanding our selection!  

Tankless water heater flushing- $110

(We never use vinegar and filters available as needed!)

AC condenser cleaning w/ air filters- $110

(Merv 11 air filters provided)

Dryer vent cleaning- $110

(Clean dryer vent to exhaust, connection pipe, inside dryer, exhaust fan)

HVAC duct cleaning- $25 per vent (over 10), $30 per vent (10 or less)

(Negative pressure machine w/ HEPA filtration, mechanic brush cleaning of HVAC vents)

HVAC duct sanitizer - $5 per vent add-on

(EPA registered all-natural mold & fungicide spray applied to ducting)

HVAC duct UV-C light sanitizer- $500

(Permanent install of UV-C light sanitizer system in house fan)

Garage door service- $100

(Clean & lubricate all contact points, hand tighten all bolts, adjust door, inspection)

Rain gutter cleaning- $125+ as quoted

Commercial-grade pressure washing- as quoted

(surface cleaning and house washing)

Commercial-grade solar panel cleaning- $8 per panel ($60 minimum)

(Includes spot-free rinse with filtered DI water system)

Commercial-grade window cleaning- $18 per window (interior/exterior & screens) $12 exterior

Solar panel netting/bird abatement- $800+ installed as quoted

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