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Digital Water Testing
Digital Water Testing

Pool Maintenance Services

What to expect?

All of our pool service techs hold C.P.O. (Certified Pool Operator) certificates. They undergo 24 hours of annual update training. They wear uniform shirts with their names on them and drive marked, identifiable, work trucks so they may be easily identified. 

You can expect a full chemistry check, equipment check, brushing, skimming, and vacuuming as needed. We will apply proper chemicals needed to keep your pool healthy and looking great. We have the experience and equipment needed to perform a variety of additional tasks and repairs. 

Please see below for a price list of additional services:

Additional Services:

Pool filter cleaning- $100

Salt cell cleaning- $30

New pool start-ups- $300 and up

Green pool clean-ups- $300 and up

Salt additions- $12 per bag needed

Pool drain & fill- $200 and up

Plumbing repairs- as quoted

Equipment repairs- as quoted

No chemical fees, sneaky charges, or unnecessary add-ons!

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