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Home Maintenance Plan

Whether you're a new homeowner, busy professional, or just overwhelmed at the thought of all it takes to maintain your home.... We have the plan for you! Invest in one of our affordable, valuable home maintenance plans today and let us take over!


Our plans are like a personal concierge service for your home. We ensure your home is well taken care of by performing maintenance and repair tasks for your home throughout the year to keep everything working at it's best (all filters, fluids, supplies included!). Our plan will increase the life and efficiency of your home resulting in decreased utility bills and even possible tax deductions. Look below to see what is included in our maintenance plans. Visits are scheduled every other month.

We never increase your rates!

Basic Membership:

$75/mo $67.50/mo


Minor Repairs (during visit)- reseal any water or gas leaks, clear drains (up to 25ft), replace light bulbs as needed (labor only), smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries as needed (labor only), minor appliance repairs (leaks, loose wires, etc.), tighten door/cabinet knobs, any other small tasks we can help with in the allotted time!

Exterior professional-grade perimeter insecticide spray (every visit)

Descale garbage disposal (every visit)

Descale washing machine (every visit)

Descale dishwasher (every visit)

Descale shower heads/faucet aerators (as needed)


Flush fire sprinkler system (twice a year)

Clean/lubricate sliding door tracks (twice a year)

Clean house dryer vents (yearly)

Clean refrigerator coils (yearly)

AC service (yearly)

(Includes new insulation!)


Flush water heater (yearly)

Garage door adjust, clean, lubricate (yearly)

Clean/lubricate bathroom vent fans (yearly)

De-grease range filter (yearly)

HVAC condensate line treatment (yearly) *NEW!

10% discount on additional services

Premium Membership:

$100/mo $90/mo


Premium membership includes everything with a basic membership plus:

Replace tankless water heater filter (bi-annual) ($220 value!)

Refrigerator filter replacement (every third visit) ($120 value!)

Allergen HVAC filters ($180 value!)

Complimentary daily home checks while on vacation! (2 or more days away) (priceless!)

20% discount on additional services!

Ultimate Membership:

$125/mo  $112.50/mo


Ultimate membership includes everything with a basic and premium membership plus:

Two (2) solar cleanings per year (up to $300 value!)

Priority scheduling

Concierge service! (electrical diagnostics, directions, service guidance, etc.)

25% discount on additional services!

And no appointment minimums!

We also offer member exclusive services such as holiday lighting, window cleaning, etc.!

New Homeowner?


Our maintenance plans are designed for homes one year old or older. What if you just moved into a brand new home? We have a plan designed just for you! This specific plan is designed to provide what you need your first year to protect your home and help get you started. Simply upgrade to our basic, standard, or premium plan after your home turns one to keep ALL of your maintenance up to date! See what the new homeowner plan includes:

  • Exterior professional-grade perimeter insecticide spray

  • Descale garbage disposal, washing machine, dishwasher

  • Replace HVAC filters (every other visit)

  • Replace refrigerator filter (every third visit)

  • Two(2) complimentary one-hour handyman services (replace lights, faucets, assembly, etc.) $220 value!


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